Private Patient Services

We are committed to helping patients receive their care in a more private and personal setting. Our Private Patient option is on space-available and at an extra fee. You and your support person(s) will be together with the exception of your time in surgery. It is suggested you book your appointment as a Private Patient as soon as you know your desired date and time.

A Private Patient has a calm, serene and quiet setting added to the superior medical care she will be receiving at our facility.

If being together with your family/support person/partner is important to you, then you should consider this option. Our staff can show you the area in advance, if you would like.

Having a Private Recovery Room can also be helpful if you prefer to not be together with other patients, or if your appointment is of a sensitive nature.

Young patients (minors) that need the support of their family find this helpful, and their family may decide they wish to be in closer contact with them during this difficult time.

Patients that prefer one-on-one attention and expedited care will choose this option, as they have their procedure and recovery with focus on streamlined and individual care.

International Patients, that are accustomed to a Concierge level of care will be more comfortable as Private Patients. If you would like more personal attention, this will allow you to have greater time and interaction with the staff. Also, knowing that their time with us is limited due to travel, this is a way for International patients that are facing travel deadlines to meet them.

And definitely, those patients facing terminating a pregnancy that was longed for and loved will be able to do so in a more intimate and bonding way, as they may have their loved one with them during the majority of their time at the center, of course with the exception of their time in surgery.

Your companions will await your return from the surgical suite in a separate, secure waiting room adjacent to the Private Room area, that is only for Private Patients and their families.

Whatever your reason: comfort, privacy, emotional or physical issues, the Private Patient service is a much more tranquil and joint experience for you and your loved ones.