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The hymen is skin tissue that is located at the opening of the vagina. Women are born with a hymen. It may be circular, have a small opening to the vagina, or completely closes the opening of the vagina (imperforate hymen). Many times the hymen may be torn because of trauma to the area. Hymenectomy is a minor procedure done as an out-patient. Hymenectomy is done when there is an imperforate hymen because blocking the opening of the vagina may cause problems such as:

  • A buildup and trapped mucus in the vagina (mucocolpos).
  • A buildup and trapped menstrual blood in the vagina (hematocolpos).
  • A buildup and trapped blood in the uterus (hematometria).


The patient will receive local anesthetic and intravenous drugs to induce “twilight sleep”. If it is an imperforate hymen, it is opened in the center with scissors or a scalpel, the tissue is cut away. The cut area will be sutured with absorbable sutures (they will not have to be removed later) to prevent bleeding. With a circular hymen the hymen is cut away and the area sutured to prevent bleeding. You will then remain in our recovery area for about an hour before you leave.