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We would like to share some valuable insight and answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) by our patients.

Which type of abortion is best for me, medical or surgical?

We think you deserve the very best in the field. Both Medical (by Pill) and surgical abortion require excellent diagnosticians and practitioners. Early stage requires great technique and follow up as well.

While both are safe, legal procedures, medical abortion is only available to 9 weeks and is completed at home, while surgical abortion is done in our office under sedation up to 24 weeks. The details of each procedure is further explained under the “Abortion Services” tab.

We are faced with terminating a wanted pregnancy. We are heartbroken. We are looking for a facility that will provide some very special support services for our family.

We will help you in every step of this difficult path. Dedicated staff will give you private, personal time together, and can provide a card to memorialize the loss.

We also help with any arrangements you may wish to make for funeral services.

Please visit the “TLC Therapeutic Program” and “Private Services” pages under the “Patients” tab to learn more information about extra support that you and your family may need.

Why is it important to choose us?

Our facility and physicians are the top in the country. We are experts in our field and are qualified and equipped to handle your reproductive healthcare needs.

Dr. Benjamin is considered Florida’s most experienced and finest women’s reproductive healthcare provider in Florida. His extensive knowledge and many years specializing in the field of pregnancy termination of difficult cases have earned him the title of Florida’s most experienced provider.

I want the very BEST care available. I am willing to travel or drive to the top specialist in the field.

We think you deserve the very best in the field. Our facility and physicians are the top in the country. We are experts in our field and are qualified and equipped to handle your reproductive healthcare needs. On any given day you may find patients here from other parts of the state, and many days, even from other countries.

Our service area includes patients from Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, Lee, Collier, and Orange counties. Throughout the entire state of Florida, patients in the second trimester and patients with medical conditions that are considered high risk are referred to us.

I want a facility that sees ALL abortion cases. I don’t want to be referred elsewhere because I am too far along, high risk due to health, or substance abuse.

Abortions are performed here from the very earliest stages of pregnancy up to our state limit of 15 weeks. Many clinics only see patients in the earlier stages of pregnancy leaving the patient to be referred to us AFTER having spent valuable time and money for ultrasound elsewhere.

We recommend you come to us first, thus being assured you will have the best outcome. In fact, our motto is “COME RIGHT OVER” we are CRO friendly; we never turn a patient away. You are the most important person in the office.

We work with most private and community substance abuse and rehab facilities, as well as local shelters. These are treated with utmost respect and confidentiality.

By coming to us, you can be assured you will receive the full attention of our physicians and staff. You are trusting us with an extremely important medical and personal decision. We are the ultimate authority on all abortion procedures. Over 200 doctors refer their patients to us for this. Abortion care is our specialty.

Cost is an important consideration, and I want to go to the very best center, but I am not sure I can afford to go to Dr. Benjamin’s office.

Be assured you can be seen at our facility, regardless of your ability to pay. No patient is ever turned away for lack of funds. Our mission is to help all women be equally able to secure the finest healthcare, regardless of their economic situation at present.

We are screeners for several local and national funds that assist patients to pay when they are unable to. We will work with what you have available. We recognize that special cases exist with minors, homeless, and victims of domestic violence. In such cases, we understand it may be impossible to have any funds for the procedure. Even if you are unable to help with any of the payment, we urge you to call us, as soon as possible.

¿Qué tipo de aborto es mejor para mí, médico o quirúrgico?

Creemos que usted merece siempre lo mejor. Tanto el procedimiento medico (con la píldora) o el quirúrgico (cirugía) son procedimientos que realizamos en nuestras instalaciones, es por esto que ofrecemos a cada paciente la opción y le brindamos accesoria personalizada y evaluación médica de alta calidad con el fin de examinar sus necesidades y poder así cumplir con sus expectativas.

La cada etapa de su embarazo requiere gran técnica y seguimiento.

Si bien ambos son procedimientos seguros y legales, el aborto con medicamentos está disponible para 10 semanas, sólo, el aborto quirúrgico se realiza en nuestra oficina y bajo sedación. Tenemos una tabla que describe, además, está bajo la etiqueta de Surgida vs Medical.

Dr. Benjamin ha creado un escenario de ginecología y aborto cuidado que responde a las necesidades de todos los pacientes. Escuchamos y nos preocupamos por usted.

• Nos enfrentamos a terminar un embarazo deseado. Estamos con el corazón roto. Estamos en busca de una instalación que proporcionará algunos servicios de apoyo muy especial para nuestra familia.

• Nosotros le ayudaremos en cada paso, sabemos que es un camino dificil para usted y las personas que lo rodean. Nuestro personal altamente calificado estara dedicado a su cuidado, brindandole tiempo, atencion, y si require el servicio privado para su confort.

• Se le podra proporcionar una tarjeta si lo desea para recorder su perdida.

• Podemos ayudarlo también si require de servicio funerario.