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Fetal Anomalies & Maternal Health

Fetal Anomalies & Maternal Health Issues

Florida abortion laws effective May 1st, 2024

  • A legal abortion may be performed after 6 weeks until 24.0 weeks, if the pregnancy is not viable with (2) physician’s certification.

If you are further along into your pregnancy (up to 24 weeks), we can see you in our Florida center if you’re experiencing fetal anomalies or abnormality indications, and/or maternal health issues.

The most distressed families that reach out to us for care are, with no doubt, those that must terminate a loved and wanted pregnancy. The news that the pregnancy you have nurtured and cared for has abnormalities, or has resulted in a fetal demise (death), may have you facing the dreaded choice of proceeding to terminate.

We recognize the tremendous hurt and grief you are going through and promise to help you through this painful transition.

We have had so many requests for help from patients and their families for ways to memorialize their final time together that we created TLC Therapeutic Patient Program, and we openly share this program with you today.

TLC Therapeutic Patient Program


Every family facing this situation is in our thoughts and prayers.

Please ask about our fees for Maternal Health & Fetal Abnormalities when scheduling your appointment.

TLC Therapeutic Patient Program - Michael Benjamin, abortion clinic in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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We adhere to the standards of care for abortion of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (“ACOG”) and the National Abortion Federation (“NAF”). We conform to OSHA standards for infection control and CLIA laboratory standards.

We adhere to and honor the guidelines and rules of our state legislature. Please know that our center will do procedures as allowed by our state.

Our personal standards demand that our services always consider our patient’s emotional needs and dignity.

What Our Patients Say

“I wanted to reach out one last time and thank you for your kindness and the staffs kindness my entire time being in the clinic. I’ll never be able to explain how much it meant to me to feel comfortable and cared for, I never felt like a burden or hindrance and it made the experience a lot easier to handle both emotionally and physically. I was so terrified before I was able to talk to you and meet your staff and after leaving, I would recommend this clinic to anyone. Thank you so much again. "

“Went today for the first time and loved it. Beautiful office, very professional. I got an abortion and was very scared and nervous but they made me feel very comfortable. I would give this more stars if I could. I am going to recommend this office to other people.I will be making this my primary Doctor. Thank you!!"

“This office is amazing! After running around Florida to find a good doctor, this is where we finally went. They were very accommodating to my financial situation. They were sensitive to my pain tolerance as well as emotional. "

“I had the best experience in this office. They have a Friendly staff and a great doctor. I will be making this my primary office. Thank you."

“My girlfriend got a colposcopy here and we really recommend this clinic. Personnel is helpful and the doctor answered all my girlfriend questions. He is a really good doctor and also the rest of the staff is great."

“(Translated by Google) In Dr. M Benjamin's office the entire staff is very welcoming and empathetic to situations. They make you feel very confident and attention is excellent. Definitely worth it to have gone from Mexico. (Original) En la oficina de Dr. M Benjamín todo el personal es muy acogedor y empático con las situaciones. Te hacen sentir en mucha confianza y la atención es excelente. Definitivamente valió la pena haber ido desde México."

“Hi Everybody!! This is an amazing clinic. We all care about the Doctor being good, well all the Doctors here are great and have years of experience. The staff is respectful, attentive, cooperative, and very helpful. The clinic always look spotless. I would recommend this clinic with my eyes close!!! I love them."

“I was an emotional mess and everyone in the office made me feel comfortable. Very clean facility and friendly staff."