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Patient Instructions

Pre-Operative Patient Instructions

On the day of your procedure:

  • do not take anything by mouth within five hours of surgery or after midnight the night before if your surgery is scheduled in the morning. This includes food, drinks, candy, ice, gum, and smoking. This will help to avoid nausea or vomiting as well as possible serious anesthesia complications.
  • Bring one responsible companion to hold all of your personal items during surgery as well as drive you safely to your destination upon your discharge from our facility. If you do not have someone to drive you, you may remain at our facility for 4 hours post-operation and drive yourself home, or a taxi may be arranged for you.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and a warm pair of socks.
  • Payment is due in full prior to surgery. We accept all major credit cards, HSA cards, Care Credit, and cash. We do not accept checks. Proper photo identification is required for all credit cards. (You may not use someone else’s credit card. That person MUST be present with photo ID to provide signature of authorization.)
  • We do not accept insurance.
  • We regret that we are unable to accommodate children as they may cause an uncomfortable environment for others. We request that you make arrangements for childcare at home as you will require rest for the remainder of the day.

Please Note: If you are a two-day patient you may eat breakfast before your first appointment.


What To Expect Afterwards

The two week period following your abortion is very important. This information will help to assure an easy and worry free recovery. Please read this information as well as the additional information that you will receive at your visit.


It is perfectly normal to experience bleeding after the abortion. Some women have bleeding similar to a normal period and others have little or no bleeding at all.

Your first period following your abortion should come between four and twelve weeks.

We ask that you monitor your bleeding for three days after your abortion. If your bleeding becomes excessive and you begin to saturate a full size Maxi pad within one hour or if you are passing clots of blood larger than the size of a quarter, you should contact us by calling our emergency number. This number will be given to you during your visit and allows for 24-Hour Emergency accessibility.


It is normal to experience cramping after your procedure. To relieve your discomfort, you may take any NON-ASPIRIN pain reliever or the pain reliever that has been prescribed to you by us. Avoid aspirin as it thins the blood and leads to heavier bleeding.

Breast Soreness and Mood Changes

As your hormones shift from the pregnant to the non-pregnant state, you may feel a slight “down” or “blue” period. These feelings should subside in a few days.

A small percentage of women experience some increased breast tenderness for a few days after the procedure.


In order to avoid infection and to ensure a healthy recovery, there are a few restrictions that you must follow for the two week period following your abortion and until after you have received a follow-up exam.

These include abstaining from the following for a minimum of two weeks:

  • Sexual Intercourse
  • Using tampons
  • Douching
  • Tub Baths
  • Swimming
  • Avoid Strenuous Activities (such as lifting anything over 15 lbs., and all exercise)