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Our Fees

Abortion fees are based on how many weeks and the size of the pregnancy at the time of the appointment. There are other conditions that may increase the cost of your procedure: your blood type, health complications, certain fetal issues, body mass index, etc.

The fees increase after the first twelve weeks, and will continue to increase each week after that.

We ask you to CALL US (954) 720-7777. We are able to help you, and we will discuss the fees with you prior to your procedure.

Financial Assistance

We will NEVER turn a patient away because they are truly unable to pay. We understand many patients need financial assistance and we are here to help.

We are screeners for national and local funds and will work tirelessly to ensure you will be able to receive abortion care, if that is your decision.

You can receive the assistance you qualify for instantly over the phone. CALL US NOW  (954) 720-7777 to apply.


Ultrasound $300

Termination of Pregnancy (all measurements are based on our ultrasound BPD/CRL)

Medical Abortion 3-10 weeks $600

Surgical Abortion** Cases of increased risk/complexity subject to additional fees.

to 12 weeks LMP $600
13-14 weeks (BPD 19-23) $900
14-15 weeks (BPD 24-27) $1,000
15-16 weeks (BPD 28-31) $1,200
16-17 weeks (BPD 32-35) $1,300
17-18 weeks (BPD 36-38) $1,400
18-19 weeks (BPD 39-41) $1,600
19-20 weeks (BPD 42-45) $1,800
20-21 weeks (BPD 46-48) $2,000
21-22 weeks (BPD 49-51) $3,000
22-24 weeks (BPD 52-61.2) $4,000

*Cases of increased risk/complexity are subject to additional fees.

Additional Fees **

Rhogam $150
Sedation for Laminaria $200
Additional Gestations add 50% to fee