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Judicial Waiver (bypass) during COVID0-19

Minors seeking judicial waiver (bypass) for an abortion during the COVID-19 epidemic.

We understand that the courts are closed due to COVID-19, and that minors are being told that the courts are closed and being turned away, therefore we now have the following arrangement granting minors access to the process, attorneys, and the judge.

Here are the STEPS you need to take:

  1. Call our office (954) 720-7777 for important information and schedule an appointment.
  2. Go to Courthouse:
  • Arrive at courthouse at 9 AM
  • Proceed to Juvenile Court Room 5180
  • Fill-out paperwork 
  • Interview with Attorney 
  • Shelter Hearing before Judge
  • Receive Judicial Waiver (it will only show Petitioner’s Initials)

Broward Courthouse
Juvenile Court
201 SE 6th Street, Room 5180
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US 33301

(954) 831-6565

Minors under Judicial Bypass do not have to pay. There will not be a charge for abortion care at our clinic.